cities for peace

Our vision is to connect the people of the world with one of the most recognized symbols of peace and non-violence – the gun with the knotted barrel. We estimate that almost a billion people have seen the sculpture by now, and that some 100 million new people see it for the first time every year. The Non-Violence sculpture in front of the UN in New York is one of the most photographed items in the the city. Today it is placed at 30 prestigious locations around the world.

We are offering this strong peace symbol to cities around the world, yours as well. By placing the bronze sculpture in your city center or staging a Non-Violence exhibition, featuring replicas interpreted by our ambassadors, you communicate a strong non-violence message to your citizens. You will also, as a Non-violence City be connected with all other cities around the world that have the same vision of a more peaceful society.



A placement of a bronze sculpture will also include presence in our digital Cities for Peace Exhibition Tour on Google Earth, which makes it possible for you to market your city in connection with all of your social media activities.

For more information, please contact at The Non-Violence Project Foundation headquarters.