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Barack Obama, press conference, Mexico City, May 3rd 2013.

Bank details 

Crédit Suisse 
Non-Violence Project Foundation 
Chemin de Balexert 9 1219 Châtelaine
IBAN: CH83 0483 5169 4928 1100 0       
Bank account: 80-500-4

What are the different ways YOU can support our projects?

  • Financial Aid

… the most common and usefull way, generally through a bank deposit or bank transfer: donate once, several times or monthly

  • Partnerships

… whatever be your size or country of affiliation, with the help of private and public companies, foundations, legal entities, and associations, our partnerships operate more in the long run and allow a powerfull impact

  • Sponsorship

… usually during an event, therefore it is an occasional partnership, generally with the consideration of a sponsor

  • Legacies

… in mentioning our foundation in your will, you would become a legatee and will be able to transfer a part of your inheritance (financial donation, whatever the amount, a car, jewels, etc.)

If you’re interested in a legacy to NVPF, it is strongly recommended to file the testament with a notary.

  • In-Kind Donations

… advertising spaces, equipment donations, skills donations (i.e. communications, accounting, translation, creating educational workshops, etc.), production of documents & advertisements

  • Mobilize Your Network

… conduct a fundraising campaign with your entourage (friends, family, school, colleagues, neighbors) for an athletic event, a festival, or a life event (i.e. a birthday, a wedding, etc.)

  • Our Online Store

 … discover our collection of products for sale online.


Have questions? Contact us!

Maison Internationale de l’Environnement

2 Chemin de Balexert 9

CH-1219 Geneva - SWITZERLAND

Tel: +41 22 940 42 47                           



The team at the headquarter in Geneva.

Would YOU prefer for US to give YOU a call?

If you are available at a particular time (such as nights or weekends) simply send us how you would like to be contacted by e-mail at info@nonviolence.com : date, time desired to be contacted, your phone number, your question, and ideally your first and last name.