Our educational programs are based on prevention. We focus on preventing violence from occurring, educating the community to change attitudes and behaviors that have allowed violence to continue.

The fact is that preventive methods costs 1/7th of the cost compared to reactive measures.


Non-Violence Education – Full package for teachers, coaches and trainers


This program is designed to provide teachers, sports coaches, youth leaders and volunteers with the skills and knowledge necessary to pass NVP educational programs on to young people, and to have the competence and understanding to train others.


Non-Violence Education – Schools For Peace

SCHOOLS FOR PEACE  |  AGE 12-19, Level 1, 2 and 3

Promotes the values of self-esteem, conflict management and non-violence. They help and guide young people to understand themselves, their friends, and the adults in their lives, as well as give them practical tools how to solve conflicts in a peaceful manner. Each Level consist of 10 sessions and the schools decides for themselves if they want to implement them weekly or monthly.


Non-Violence Education – Sports For Peace

SPORTS FOR PEACE  |  AGE 12-19, Level 1, 2 and 3

Educate and motivate coaches and volunteer leaders within any sports discipline, to integrate these programs into their sport training. This life skills segment includes inspiring activities focusing on self-esteem and how to solve conflicts peacefully. Each Level consist of 10 sessions and the sport club decides for themselves if they want to implement them weekly or monthly.



We have developed an entrepreneurship program designed to guide and support young people towards self-employment and to help them to take charge of their own lives. Increasing global unemployment mainly affects young people, and creates social exclusion, often leading to violence and crime, and as a consequence, higher costs for the society.



We are building a digital education and resource platform with the objective of reaching out to a global audience over a three-year period. We will offer train the trainers programs as well as the opportunity to download education programs to make it possible to develop own targeted non-violence initiatives.



Our digital platform strategy also includes the development of state-of-the-art tools and inspirational Apps with relevant interactive services, targeted for young age groups and focusing on conflict resolution.

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